I’ve consolidated some of my posts here on helpful mastectomy information (check lists, “how to help a friend”, “how to help yourself”, etc).


My personal To Do List 2 months before my mastectomy

Update on the To Do List as my mastectomy approached

My anticipations (pre-op) on How To Help me during my recovery

My reflections (post-op) on How to Help a Friend and How to Help Yourself




  1. Ennea Smith says:

    Hi Liza,
    We are a small lingerie and swimwear boutique located in Wales.
    We have an expert bra fitting team, who are also trained in Mastectomy wear.
    However, we are aware that many mastectomy patients can feel uncomfortable and will not venture in to a shop to get the appropriate bras.
    We stock a wide range of mastectomy bras, all non wired, with and without pockets, along with post surgery bras.
    We have branched out online to try and provide a service to those who would rather remain anonymous and discreet.
    If you have any way in which you think we may be able to help reach those women, we would be really grateful.
    I have attached our mastectomy range for your perusal.


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