Donate. Keep. Throw. 

Twice a year, I go through my closet and drawers (for the record, I have 1 small closet and no real drawers — just two small cubby shelves) and switch out my wool pants/sweaters for cotton tank tops/shorts. And so it goes in New England. We go from freezing cold to hot and humid.

Each time, though I have good intentions, I hold on to so many clothes that don’t fit; clothes that don’t look great on me; and clothes that I don’t even like but have some sort of sentimental value to them.

Maybe it’s that I just left my job of 11 years. Maybe it’s that I’m in a weird limbo phase of consulting gigs and workshops. Maybe it’s that I’m eager to start my new job.

But, I decided to do a real clean sweep of my clothing.

My criteria?

Only keep items that make me FEEL fabulous TODAY.

To do this, I asked myself two questions:

1) If I put this on right now, could I wear this anywhere?


2) If I put this on right now, would I feel like a rockstar? A confident, badass, fantastic rockstar?

If the answer was “No” to either, it went into the donation pile.

This included the shirt that still had the tags on it from 3 years ago that, when I cleaned out my closets last year, I swore, “Oh, I’m totally going to wear this sometime this year.” It included the soft cotton shirt that had the tiny hole in the armpit (c’mon, admit it, you have one of those shirts, too!).


If I wasn’t willing to put it on today; and if it didn’t make me feel like a badass rockstar who could go from work to the baseball field, then it was going to someone else.

I filled 8 bags for donation.

Yes, there was still hesitation. More than once, one hand held the piece of clothing and the other hand held the red, plastic drawstring on the white garbage bag. “Well, I liked it when I bought it” or “I wore this red shirt when I met Alyssa Milano in LA!”.


And, now, it’s done. My closet is filled with clothes that I like, that I wear, and that make me feel fabulous. And, I have plenty. No post-closet-clean-out shopping spree. If anything, getting rid of that much stuff made me confront the privilege I have of even owning so much. I sat on my bed, stared inside my closet, and gave thanks for the people who made it — and, I am well aware that many of those items were likely made by people who were not paid well and who worked in inhumane conditions. And, though I don’t need anything, I have set an intention that I will know where my next pair of clothing comes from.

Over the next 30 days, while I am living “in-between”, I am committed to clearing out more clutter in my home and in my life. In these next 30 days, I have no work email to check (because, I literally have no email work accounts); no work voicemails; and no work deadlines. It’s time to declutter other areas.

Because, it’s no secret that I’ve got to make more room for fabulous.

Peace, love, and making room,


I wasn't kidding about the red shirt :)

I wasn’t kidding about the red shirt 🙂

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