Well, I THOUGHT I was taking it slow….

Alas, despite my best efforts to completely ease into walking and running, my “almost-40-year-old-knees” decided differently.

Yes, friends. I’ve been hit with patellar tendonitis, otherwise known as “jumpers knee”, otherwise known as “runners knee”, otherwise known as “#^@&$^#&@###$@#”.

Thanks to a couple of medical professionals in my family, the course of treatment is simply ibuprofen for the swelling, ice, and a whole bunch of strengthening exercises. You can check out a great resource from Mass General here.

I have to admit, I’m feeling pretty pathetic. When I told my brother that I was having a pain in my knee, he replied, “Well, just cut back on your mileage.” I laughed and said, “Well, that would just put me back on the couch.” After all, it’s hard to cut back on 1.0 miles ….

So, if you’re a new runner, and you’re feeling a bit achy and sore, well, join the club. But, I know well enough to rest and then to try again.

This is also the push I needed to get myself to the running store and get FITTED and buy new shoes (I’m a huge fan of getting fitted… no more “I think these might fit” days). My current shoes have hundreds of miles on them, and it’s time to get new ones. As soon as I can walk normally again, it’s ON!

If you want to still push ahead and follow the training plan, then here are the three gifts (aka workouts) this week:

1 mile total for distance (you might want to try walking .25 miles and then “walking faster” for .25 miles)

12 minute walk-walk faster (alternating every 1 minute)

15 minute walk-walk faster (alternative every 1 minute)

I might be a week behind as I wait for this knee to settle down. But, I hope you keep gifting yourself these workouts!

Peace, love and resting for now,


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One Response to Well, I THOUGHT I was taking it slow….

  1. Anne Erde says:

    Hi Liza, I love your ability to be human and take it all as it comes, with sorrow, anger, humor, and the ability to find plan B over and over again. Big love to you. Anne

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