Sometimes the best moments are in the face of total exhaustion.


Along with working full time, enrollment in a full time doctoral program, sitting on a number of non-profit boards, and a full time mom who is trying to raise responsible and loving kids, I make it priority to also pay some attention to myself: running, writing, and singing. At any given time, I focus more on running or writing or singing, but I fit it in because it makes me feel whole.


I’ve recently been sitting in on some gigs with two incredible musicians who have let me peek into their acoustic world. For those songs, a few times a month, I feel completely free. I’m nervous, a bit unsure, but my heart soars when I’m singing.


And, on this lovely out-of-season warm day, my daughter and I went into the city to spend some time together. We grabbed a book, picked our spot by the reflecting pool, and just sat.


While I people watched, my 6-year old daughter was lost in her world of a teenage detective. I stared lovingly at her, wondering if she was trying to solve some major mystery. Wondering if she was piecing clues together in her head of who left the fingerprints on the missing box or which best friend committed the actual crime.


I picked up my cell phone, began filming her, and wanted to capture this intensity.


Then, she did it.


She started dancing.


Dancing like everyone was watching.


Dancing like she was the only one who cared.


There was no music.


She just danced.


And, as quickly as she started dancing, she stopped.


Picked up her book, exactly where she left off.


I thought she was dancing just because she saw me pull out my cell phone, but that wasn’t the case.


She just danced. (best 20 seconds of your day for some inspiration!)


I wondered, how often do we keep ourselves from dancing because we are afraid someone’s watching. Or, we are afraid no one will watch and pay attention. Or, we’re afraid it’ll take too much time, or afraid we can’t commit enough time. Or, that we don’t have a good enough reason to start. Or too many reasons to stop.


Truth is, sometimes all we need is a good dance break. Just because.


Let’s stop standing in our own way.


And just dance. Even for just a moment.


Peace, love, enjoying the moment,


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One Response to JUST FOR A MOMENT

  1. cheryl brigante says:

    what a wonderful story. words so true. thank you liza.

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