A few weeks ago, my sister Grace sent along an article called “20 Ways to Get Good Karma.”  These days, I’ll read just about anything that does not have an introduction, methods section, discussion of findings, or conclusion (nerdy reference to all of the scholarly articles I’ve been reading these days). Heck, I’ve even broken all of my own rules and actually subscribed to “Women’s Day Magazine” just so I can waste time be entertained with things like “20 Ways to Use Your Crockpot.” 

This past week had me questioning my abilities — my ability to be a wife, a mother, a full time director, a full time doctoral student, a rock star back up singing musician, friend, sister, daughter, lover of television where high school kids sing songs from the 90s. On Wednesday, after working every night until 1am in the office, I broke down and began to ask myself which of my abilities had to go. Which of my paths needed to be less followed?

And, the answer was: None of Them.

Each of these brings me fulfillment in different ways. I feel complete being able to give and receive love, to spark ideas in my brain that previously did not exists, to read and engage in concepts that make me think differently about the world in which we live, to share those ideas with my kids and figure out how to make a better world for them, to sing and appreciate the space my voice takes up, and to snuggle on my couch and watch cheesy television. All of these make me who I am. 

It is a privilege to be busy. It is a gift to be able to use what I have, to discover what I don’t know, and to have the support to pursue my dreams. 

#18: Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.

Peace, love, and learning to embrace success, 


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