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Finishing up Day 3 and entering into Night 4 of life post-mastectomy. Yes, it does get better. I really thought that the day 1/night 1 would be the way it would be. But, yes, it’s gotten easier to move, I’ve … Continue reading

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Okay, so naturally all my days are screwed up. Surgery was Thursday, so Day 1 is Friday; Day 2 is Saturday; which makes Sunday, today, day 3? Oh well, whatever the day is, the mastectomy wasn’t that long ago. So … Continue reading

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Hi friends! Again, thumb typing while on pain meds, so pardon my spelling and stuff. Just wanted to let you know what happened during Day 3 (with surgery being Day 1). Today, I was able to get out of bed … Continue reading

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Well, please pardon my mobile entry. It actually feels okay to thumb type than keyboard type. It’s day 2 from surgery, and I’m feeling a little better each time. The pain meds certainly keep me comfortable, but this feeling is … Continue reading

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From the hospital room, Day 1

This is Liza’s sister, Grace. It’s been 24 hours since Liza’s surgery and I’ve spent all day in Liza’s hospital room. She started out pretty groggy and weak this morning, but by lunchtime she had her voice back and had … Continue reading

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From the Waiting Room…

Hi, it’s Jorge. If we haven’t met, I’m Liza’s husband. I’m writing this from the waiting room. Liza’s been in active surgery for almost four and a half hours now and they’re about halfway through. Weird getting calls on my … Continue reading

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Yes, it did happen. I’m starting to embrace The Happy.   Now, c’mon, how many of you thought that would never, ever happen? If you just jumped on board in the last few days, you probably saw a very different … Continue reading

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