Finishing up Day 3 and entering into Night 4 of life post-mastectomy. Yes, it does get better. I really thought that the day 1/night 1 would be the way it would be. But, yes, it’s gotten easier to move, I’ve been getting a little more range of motion, and the pain is something I can anticipate.

I still haven’t looked down.

I’m getting much more comfortable with my drains, though, and even self-inspected the drain tube site. I have four J-P drains and rustled up the courage to look at the entry points coming out of my side. Actually, it’s the drains that are the most bothersome. I’ve even adjusted my Velcro compression bra (yes, it feels as painful as it sounds!) and placed a few fingers between my skin and the bottom of the bra. It’s just so tightly compressed that it feels like it burrowing into my skin.

So, in case someone is getting ready for a mastectomy and you want to know about the post-surgery, I do have to bring this part up. Sorry in advance for TMI …


With all the pain meds, constipation is a major hurdle. I wish someone had warned me about it so that I could have take something in the hospital. Now, three days later, I’m wickedly uncomfortable.

Okay, that’s all for that TMI. Just wanted to give any mastectomy peeps a heads up so you can be proactive about it!

The other weird thing that has happened involves my vision. For some reason, my nearsighted vision is horrible – even with my glasses. This is new since coming home. It was totally fine when I was in the hospital but just went haywire today. My dad (an ophthalmologist) says it will likely work itself out in the next few days.

Nice side effect: with all the hydration I’ve had the past few days, my skin looks great! I’m usually very dry with patchy red areas on my face, but my skin has been looking buttery soft 🙂 Gotta grab some of that bright side, right?

Other than that, my breath is getting stronger, I’m able to use my arms just a little bit more, and I spent more time awake than asleep today.

I attempted to write some thank you cards, but that proved to be much more painful than I expected. So, if you sent something recently, I hope you’re not offended if my thanks comes as a text or email. I’ll catch up on the proper thank you’s in a few weeks.

Until then, thanks for reading, everyone. My blog has had double the amount of hits each day, and I hope it’s a mix of some friends, family, and also folks who might be going through the same journey. On surgery day, we had almost 800 people checking in. I know that had a lot to do with friends linking on Facebook, too. Thank you!!

Here we go. Took some meds and about to sleep. Thanks, all, for your amazing support! Special shout out to my Diversity Dream Team and some ABS leaders who busted out the rakes and completely cleaned up our yard!! It may have seemed like a little thing, but it was such a great and very important gift!

Peace, love, and strength,

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One Response to NIGHT FOUR

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the updates Liza…so many people thinking of you out there.

    And can I just say that you look fantastic? This girl just had major surgery? 🙂

    Much love ♥

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