Okay, so naturally all my days are screwed up. Surgery was Thursday, so Day 1 is Friday; Day 2 is Saturday; which makes Sunday, today, day 3? Oh well, whatever the day is, the mastectomy wasn’t that long ago.

So i just spent my first night at home (the kids went to the grandparents) which allowed me to just focus on getting around my house. It was actually easier than I thought (with the exception of getting in-out of the bed — shouldn’t everyone have a craftmatic adjustable bed???).

Unfortunately, due to some poor customer service (ie the pharmacy closed before Jorge could pick up the prescription but failed to tell him they were closing!), I had no pain meds last night.

That’s right. No pain meds.

Well, I take that back, we did have some Tylenol in our cabinet, but that was it. The pain, last night, was unbearable, but I knew I just had to pull through.

I did get a chance to see Joli for a few minutes and it’s clear she was very worried. But I quickly told her I was doing well and she actually stayed to watch me empty and measure my drains! Kinda glad she still saw me when the pain meds from the hospital were still in full swing!

So, what could I now do 2-3 days post surgery?

Brush my teeth
Showered but with lots of help from my mom and the nurse
Comb my hair (though not all the way up)
Made myself a sandwich at 4;00am
Got in and out of my bed at home by myself
Pull up my own pants
Used scissors to cut some pictures
And if course, can type on my mobile for a few minutes at a time.

I’m still on an inhaler because they don’t think I’m getting enough oxygen, and my incentive-blue-breathing contraption regularly makes it to the third window (meaning, I’m beginning to breathe more deeply).

My left side continues to burn in pain but my right feels a little better. The doctor said it’s normal because I should think about it as two separate surgical sites.

That’s it for now. The pain is starting to heat up again 😦

And I’m serious about a 1/2 marathon in the summer!!

Peace, love, and missing codeine,

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