Well, please pardon my mobile entry. It actually feels okay to thumb type than keyboard type.

It’s day 2 from surgery, and I’m feeling a little better each time. The pain meds certainly keep me comfortable, but this feeling is an incredible heaviness in my chest. Kind of feels like someone is both hugging me tight while pulling me down.

I was having trouble breathing so they place me on a nebulizer. It’s amazing what you use your chest muscles for!

I still haven’t been brave enough to look at my breasts. Whenever someone comes in to check, I close my eyes. Just not ready 😦

Okay, meds kicking back in and I need to sleep. But thanks to everyone who has been reading and sending nice notes. It’s certainly helped!

Off to dream land!

Peace, love, and better each day,

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4 Responses to LOOKING DOWN

  1. Sheila says:

    Hi Liza,
    So great to hear from you again, altho I loved Jorge and Grace’s posts. YOU DID IT! IT IS DONE! Each day will be better than the one before and I look forward to this new chapter when you talk to my students. I tell them every day what is going on and some are reading your blogs.

    Thinking of you daily and sending lots of prayers and love your way.


  2. Anne says:

    You are never far from my thoughts, Liza. I put in a word for you with my mom (who seems to have a more direct connection to God than anyone I know) so I feel that now my own prayers have taken on super-power status. Rest, my friend.

  3. olivia says:

    So good to have you back! xx

  4. Shannon says:

    Liza – I’ve been following all the notes from Jorge, Grace and yourself – you are amazing! You have taken such a huge step to guarantee a healthy and happy future for you and your family – congratulations on that!

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