Guest Blogger: Joli the Fabulous

The following post is told by Joli the Fabulous, who really should have been in bed an hour ago, but who knew the way to stay up later was to dictate a guest blog post to Mama. So, here you go. Guest Blogger:  Joli the Fabulous.


Hi. My name is Joli. I am fabulous. I have been on the blog a lot of times. I am seven years old.


My mom is having surgery in 1 day. I am worried. But, I’ll just think of something happy like getting to visit her when she wakes up. She’s going to the hospital just like when I had cancer. I have one eye. I can see out of my left eye. But I can’t see out of my right.


My mom, she had to sleep on the couch when I had chemotherapy. They had to put tubes in my chest. It did not hurt but I know my mom was worried. Oh, and my Dad was worried about me, too.  Kind of like I’m worried about my mom.


Oh, one thing. I was bald like my Dad, but he does not like when I say that. Oh, well.


Well, I’m nervous about my mom because I think she might feel hurt when she is done with her operation. My aunts have been through it. Grace and Mary. I called them Tita Grace and Tita Mary. “Tita” means “Aunt” in tagalog. Do you know what tagalog is? Tagalog is a language in the Philippines.


I remember when my aunts had their operations. My first aunt, Mary, had cancer. Then, my second aunt had to have her boobies off. She had a tube inside of her body that took out blood and stuff so that it can heal. She told me that I could not squeeze the tubes or it would burn and hurt her inside. When you push the tubes, the blood and stuff can go back into her body and that would hurt. I have to make sure my little brother and little sister do not squeeze on my Mom’s tubes!


Let’s just cross our fingers that they don’t squeeze my Mom’s tubes! I think my brother and sister will have a tough time following directions because my sister LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES “Flat Tummy!!!!” It’s my mom’s tummy.


I am also nervous about my brother. I’ll need help taking care of him, but the exciting news is that my Grammy and Pops are coming to help us out (ooh, ooh, oooh!! dance dance dance!).


When I see my mom, I won’t be able to hug her. So, I’ll just have to kiss her like this “xoxoxoxoxoxoxox.”


My dad will miss her, too, because they are married. My dad is going to miss her because he’ll have no one to snuggle at night (but, I’m going to sneak into their fluffy bed and bring all of my stuffed animals. My Mom hates when I sleep with so many stuffed animals! Ha ha ha!).


Well, that’s it folks.





Joli 🙂


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16 Responses to Guest Blogger: Joli the Fabulous

  1. Shannon says:

    Good job, Joli! (But you knew that, didn’t you?)

  2. Becky says:

    Beyond Fabulous!

    Love and kisses,
    Becky, Tracey & Toby

  3. jenniferlarsonwrites says:

    I just followed a friend’s link to get to this blog, but I am reading this with both a smile and tears in my eyes.

    Joli, I bet your mom is so glad that you are her child. Good luck to both of you.

  4. happybear75 says:

    i loved it!!! these in particular:

    “:. I’ll need help taking care of him, but the exciting news is that my Grammy and Pops are coming to help us out (ooh, ooh, oooh!! dance dance dance!).”

    Dance! Dance! Dance! I can only guess… 😀

    and this one…
    Oh, one thing. I was bald like my Dad, but he does not like when I say that. Oh, well.

    Oh, well.

    I love children. I LOVE YOUR JOLI!! Hi Joli!!

    Your mom is strong. She will do it w/ease. 🙂 Love you Liza. Love you Joli. You make my heart tremble! both of yoU! 🙂

  5. Andrew says:

    Awesome job, Joli! Glad your mom let you stay up late to write that post! Good luck helping your dad take care of Jada and Evan. You are a GREAT big sister, I’m sure!

  6. Meredith says:

    Fabulous job, Joli! It’s ok to be scared, but remember that you are a rockstar, and your mom is going to be good as new very soon.

  7. olivia says:

    We love you, Joli! Future Pulitzer prize winner for sure! xxoo

  8. Cheryl says:

    Joli, thanks for being a guest blogger, and letting us know what is going on around there. You, Jada, and Evan will have to put all your hugs for your mom in a safe place, and give them to her when she stops being sore.

    I miss you all a whole lot, and can’t wait to see you again. The Camp Sunshine RB dates have been announced for next summer, so I hope I will see you again in June.

    Hugs from “Nana” Cheryl

  9. Jennifer says:


    Thanks Joli…you’re a brave girl…just like your mom! ♥

  10. Jon says:

    Don’t worry Joli! Everything’s going to be fine, your mom is tough and she’ll be okay in no time!

  11. Ralphie says:

    Joli, you are a rock star. I don’t know you, but I love your mom…which means I love you. Mom is a rock star too…and she is going to be just fine 🙂

    Dance Dance Dance,

  12. Julie Quill says:

    joli, you are an amazing young girl! Your mom is going to do great because you and your family are by her side! I’ll come see you at school and you can let me know how your mom is doing!!!

  13. Sheila says:

    So Joli,
    When I read this I thought you were around 15 years old and I was wondering where the time went??? Then I remembered I saw you at bowling last week and you are still 7! I have known you were fabulous for the last 3 years or so. Now everyone is in on the secret! Your mom has so many people who love her- all our thoughts are with her and look forward to the After Mastecomy blog. I wonder what the new name will be? In the meantime, maybe you can keep us up to date.

  14. Emily says:

    I have read your post 3 times now, and each time, it makes me smile more. You are one amazing, smart, funny, and poised young lady! How proud your mom and dad must be of you. 🙂

    By this time tomorrow night, your mom’s surgery will be done… and she’ll be on the road to getting well again! She and you are both such brave girls.

    Thank you for taking the time to write to all of us. And please give your mom a hug from me, okay?

    Love, Emily (one of your mom’s friends from college)

  15. Owen Fitzpatrick says:

    Hi Joli. My Mom let me read this and you did a great job. We are going to come clean your house in a few weeks. We will bring our 3 Dysons. Maybe we can play too.
    The Fitzpatrick Clean Team
    Owen (tell her I’m 6)
    and Mom

  16. Allison MacDonald says:


    I am so blessed to have you in my class. You teach me so much everyday!!

    You truly are FABULOUS!!!

    Miss MacDonald

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