One of the things I look forward to each week is the stats I get from WordPress about “searches.” I get to see how different people got to my Marathon B4 Mastectomy site and get a sneak peek into the curiosities of other people.

The most traditional ways people have searched and arrived is by typing in my name, marathons, mastectomy, or even the blog itself, Marathon before Mastectomy. Some caught my site typing in one of the links I have in my blog or a mention of a name in there.
But, one in particular this week caught my eye: “to do list before mastectomy.” Aside from the three beautiful words “I Love You,” the words “To Do List” are my next favorite (hmm?? You’re wondering if I’m joking, now, aren’t you?).

So, I’m curious …. What IS the “To Do List” before the mastectomy? Here’s what I’ve been doing so far, but please, please, please, readers and friends, chime in with other things I should be/need to be doing before this all happens!

Liza’s Mastectomy To Do List (and status thus far)

  1. Pray (still on going)
  2. Run 2 Half Marathons (huh?)
  3. Lose weight (uh, not done)
  4. Write about it honestly (on going, tougher at times than others)
  5. Ask for help (put it out there the other day, and, yes, I feel to weird to do it again)
  6. Family photos (thank you Jess at Boston Baby Photos)
  7. Be inspired and inspire others (that sounds so presumtious!)
  8. Laugh more
  9. Cry when I feel like it
  10. Learn more (thank you FORCE)
  11. Make friends with others
  12. Make friends with myself
  13. Talk about it with my children (they are all dealing very differently with it)
  14. Clean the house (this will happen a few times!)
  15. Put away the summer clothes and get out the winter clothes
  16. Make sure house things are done (get oil tank filled, pay bills, etc)
  17. Buy cute pajamas that button in front and can hang my drains
  18. Get my hair cut, colored, and eyebrows waxed (gotta look fly for the big day!)
  19. Get all the normal doctor’s appointments in (eye doctor, dentist, get new glasses)
  20. Get all the mastectomy doctor’s appointments in
  21. Inform the kids’ teachers and school
  22. Get work stuff in order and plan for my medical leave
  23. Call health insurance and try to anticipate the cost (some say anywhere between $0-$2000 out of pocket, depending on insurance coverage)
  24. Spend pre-surgery time with the family doing something fun
  25. Buy underwear (made the mistake of letting my 4- and 7-  year old pick out new underwear for me at the store. They are purple with multi-colored swirls on them and rise all the way over my belly button).
  26. Go grocery shopping and stock up on basic supplies
  27. Get legal documents in order (it’s nice having lawyer friends!)
  28. Write out the family calendar of daily activities and special events
  29. FIND GUEST BLOGGERS (I won’t be able to nor interested, possibly, in writing just after surgery… message me if you want to guest blog!)
  30. Accept that this is a no-brainer, but an all-hearter.

As with any To Do List, for every one I cross off, a new one appears.
What else is on YOUR Pre-Mastectomy To Do List??

Peace, l0ve, and searching,

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