I’m starting to obsess about running, again, which is really exciting. Here is a recent text message exchange between me and my friend Lisa:

Wanna run tomorrow morning at 5:45?

Yes. I’m in!

Wait, can we do it earlier — like 5:30am?

Yes! Can’t wait!

Can’t wait?? Seriously, can’t wait? 5:30am? I’m pretty sure I can think of a whole lot of things that can wait until, oh, dawn…!

The other morning, at 5:10am, I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth. The door gently swung open:

Jada: “Mom? Mommy? Can I go and snuggle you in your bed?”

Me: “Well, actually, Jada. I’m getting ready to go running.”

Jada: “Fine. You don’t want to snuggle me?”

Me: “No, Jada. That’s not it. I just have to meet my friend Lisa in a few minutes to go running.”

Jada: “Mom, no one runs in the nighttime.”

Me: “Jada, it’s not nighttime. It’s morning.”

Jada: “Mom, dark means night time. Night time means bed. Go back to bed, Mom.”


Thanks to my pal, Lisa, I’ve actually gotten out for the past 3 days at 5:30am for 4+ mile runs. And, even as I type this blog, I’m listening to a running training program. Yes, I’m obsessed.


I’ve been thinking about my strategy for the Boston 1/2 Marathon — I need to magically finish this race within 2 hours and 30 minutes — a whole THIRTY-FOUR minutes faster than the Worcester 1/2 Marathon. Egads….

My strategy for the first 1/2 marathon, of course, was to finish. Somewhere in there was my strategy for losing weight, but, c’mon faithful readers, we all know how that went, right? This time around, it’s all about the time. I need to get in under 2 hours and 30 minutes. Why? Well, according to the race organizers, they actually open up the roads at 2 hours and 30 minutes, and I’ll have to dodge Boston traffic if I don’t finish. And, honestly, I’d love to have my time recorded — but they start breaking down the timing booth after 2 hours and 30 minutes.
When I finished the Worcester 1/2 marathon, I crossed the finish line and realized they had a) already completed the awards ceremony and b) given out all the beer. Not that I wanted beer, but hey, I even lost out on the option.

So, my friends, I need you to help me kick some serious butt. I’m not determined to beat any one person or any one thing. I just would rather not train for this, prepare my body to protect it against cancer, and then get clipped by a Boston driver while trying to cross the finish line!

I’m also very thankful for the Stonehill running crew (and that includes my old school Mb4M Team mates who aren’t a part of Stonehill, too!) for giving me a new found energy about working out and running. There are some pretty hard core people who want to do better, feel better, and create a better living opportunity for themselves, and I’m totally inspired by their drive and determination, too.

Other readers/friends have emailed me offline to let me know of their progress. I regularly hear from Nana Cheryl who has focused on eating better and drinking more water; Tina and Heather who are Farmer’s Market regulars and eating a more organic and natural diet; Lisa who just had her baby a few months ago and is feeling fit and fantastic; Joanne and Jay who seem to have caught the running and racing bug; Jade who is running and blogging from the Dominican Republic as she embarks on a year of humanitarian service; and other fabulous friends who are making small changes – each day – to thank their bodies for being good in return.

I love hearing from all of you. You keep me going. When I run, I think about each and every person who has written in  – so please keep the words of your journey coming!  When I don’t feel like running, I remind myself that my body could develop cancer. That my cells could decide that “today is the day”. That I don’t ever want to look back on this day and think, “I wish I hadn’t wasted my time/energy/thoughts on something so mundane.” I want to look back and say, with confidence, that I made the best decisions and the best actions I was capable of making today.

I am reminded that there is a difference between life and living; that there is a difference between being passed and being left behind.

Peace, love, and moving forward,


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2 Responses to LEFT BEHIND

  1. Heather says:

    Jealous of your early morning runs!

    Matt and I have plans to go to the Farmers Market Saturday probably between 10 am and 11 am – and I will also go Tuesday if you want to come…

    I keep forgetting to mention it to you!

  2. Grace says:

    You can do it Liza. There are all sorts of tips for helping you reach your goal. You are inspiring me…I haven’t done a thing since the 10k!

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