Yes, you read that title right: Spinach Smoothie. Thanks to my pal Heather, also an MB4M runner, who sent me the recipe: a handful of spinach, a banana, a few ice cubes, and soy milk. Heather used rice milk, but I was at the grocery with three impatient kids and couldn’t find the rice milk. So I grabbed soy.

I never thought I’d say it — YUM!!! Seriously, make one today!

If you’re looking for daily recipes (all vegetarian, too!), please go to Heather’s site Running, Leaner, and Greener.  She updates nearly every single day with great tips on how to lead a leaner and greener lifestyle.

UPDATE: The kids just asked for MORE!

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  1. Courtney O says:


  2. Kim says:

    I just found your blog! I too am BRCA + and will be undergoing surgery the end of the month. Your site is great, I have been finding it so helpful to blog myself, but to follow others journey as well. I think we may live in the same area as well. I am curious b/c I have yet to meet anyone my age in my area that gets what I am about to do!

    Best of luck

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