I think the good thing about having trained, and run, a 1/2 marathon is that 6.2 miles seems like a walk in the park. Literally. I’m sure I’ll be walking most of it.

I’m glad I’m still training for races (loosely used: training) because I easily see myself slipping back into couch-dom. While it felt great to run, it all seems like some weird dream that I had — running, stretching, sweating, passing the time.

This 10k is coming up on Sunday, and the most I have run since the 1/2 marathon is a pathetic 2 miler. Even then, I walked much of it. But, I recall back in the training days when 6 miles was “just another run”, so I’m hoping to tap into that training energy and just do it. I know I physically can do it, so it’ll happen!

This past week I’ve been really focused on my basement. See, up here in New England, there was a terrible rain period in, oh, April (or was it March?). Our basement — which was beautifully furnished, carpeted, and held most of our electronics, toys and keepsakes — was about 8 inches under water. Yup, 8 inches underwater. When my husband went down there to assess the lake, he was up to his shins in water. That is not awesome. We had to pump out water (thanks to the emergency pump from our friendly neighbors), tear up all the carpeting, bleach the concrete, throw out lots of our belongings, and manage the disgusting mold/mildew smell. It took months.

We finally got control of the nasty, dewy smell and just sort of forgot about our basement. But, with the onset of 90+ degree heat, I’ve been longing for the coolness of our basement (and an additional place for our kids to play). For the past few nights, I’ve been down there throwing more things out that were neglected, sweeping, moving, folding, donating, and rearranging. It’s sort of — sort of — starting to look like a place to visit again.

For me, getting this basement back on track is a lot like my running. For a while, we were really going at it trying to get our basement online again. Then, once we got control of the situation, we stopped. We got comfortable. Well, it was time to get down there and keep moving. Keep running. Keep focusing on the end goal. So, I’m really embracing the fact that this 10K is right what I need, right now.

Thanks to a number of peeps who are joining me on this run! We’ve got some newbies, some “was running anyways, but will join in solidarity”, and some “running in other parts of the world!” I hope I’m not forgetting anyone here:

Me, Chuck Hannaford, Jon (if his ankle feels better), Grace Niwa (1st 10k!), Sandra Kim, Liz Dixon Neilson, Jade Franco (1st 10k!), Molly Flanagan, Alberta Neilson, Brian Donahue (home from serving in Korea).

Congrats to Joanne Diaz and Jay Roblando for their first 10k — in London! Jolly good one, friends!

My BrCa friend Steph got a team together to start running, too, out in Illinois. Way to go, Steph!

So, here’s the eating piece. I most certainly am NOT going to tell you about the stuff I ate this week (small steps.. small steps). I will say that it’s been fun making this a family project. My daughter — who is obsessed with “rules” — has made it a rule that we must tell her what we’ve eaten at the end of the day. We then have to figure out which food group each belongs to and what we missed.

Confession: Yes, we did hit fast food this week. Yes, we ONLY hit fast food ONCE this week. Other confessions: We ate ice cream 3x this week. Dang good ice cream, I might add.

But, here’s where some awesome small changes happened: We cooked every night this week (and by “cooked”, I mean turned on a stove….. and in some cases “turned on a stove to HEAT leftovers”).

Quick good meals we had:

  • shrimp with a little extra virgin olive oil on some mini-penne + a little bit of salt/pepper. Instead of eating a 1/2 marathon carbo load of pasta (which, I think, is really how much we usually eat), I only filled 1/2 the usual amount.
  • Jorge made a roasted chicken (baked) with some carrots and peas. My younger daughter “Princess Picky Eater” asked for 2nds and 3rds!
  • Jorge also made a beef stew which we ate for 2 dinners and a lunch. The kids were not fans of this one, which may just help us to reduce our red meat, anyways!
  • my son’s babysitter taught me how to make a 3 bean salad — it took all of 5 minutes and was amazing! This, for sure, is a repeat! Basically, red beans, cannelloni beans, garbanzo beans, fresh squeezed lemon juice, salt, pepper, red onions, celery, some tuna (or not) — mix it all up, let marinate, and then put it on top of lettuce. Oh, yeah, this was yummy!!

While we didn’t necessarily cut stuff out of our eating this week, we were much more aware of what we weren’t getting (enough fruits and veggies). We also started talking about choices. So, I gave my girls a choice of what to eat for breakfast — a sugary cereal (yes, i admit, we have them) or a piece of whole grain toast with some peanut butter. They chose the sugary cereal. But, we had a conversation about the fact that this would be their sweet choice for the day; that they must be very aware of the amount of sugar they put in their bodies during the rest of the day. If they chose the whole wheat bread with peanut butter, they could likely choose a sweet choice later in the day. To my surprise, when we did the family journal that night, they actually did talk about the choices they made!

Overall, it was a really great start. I’m not trying to be neurotic about this right away. I want this to be a lifestyle change for my family, so we’re starting small. Starting slow. We’re talking more about choices and doing less mindless eating. It’s only been a few days, but I feel better about what we’re doing. I like that we’re discussing options, choices, what’s missing, and what’s in excess.

So, here’s to a 10K and to small changes. Thanks for sending me cool foodie ideas! Keep ’em coming!

Feel free to leave a comment about what you ate, made, chose this week for others to see!

Peace, love, and small changes,


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3 Responses to 10K COUNTDOWN and EATING

  1. Steph H says:

    Being thoughtful about what we eat is so important. So few of us stop to think what’s in the food we’re putting in our mouths, let alone what it will do to us. I’m a huge advocate of mindful eating, and I think it’s a realistic goal for a lot of people. One thing you might consider doing as a family is going meatless one day a week. The Meatless Mondays campaign is, in their words, “an international movement to help people reduce their meat consumption by 15%, in order to improve personal health and the health of the planet.” Check out their website (http://www.meatlessmonday.com/) for recipes and such.

    One other thought: I grew up eating McDonald’s once a week (on Monday nights, actually, come to think about it) and didn’t have my first salad until I got to college. Now, I’m a vegan (and have been a vegetarian for more than a decade). I made that change one my own, after having grown up in a traditional meat-and-potatoes household. All of which is to say that change is possible, and you are doing your family a world of good by introducing them to thoughtful consumption. Good luck with your eating journey. And if you need any tips on how to prepare tofu, I’m your girl.

  2. Tina Hurlbert says:

    Sounds great, Liza! I got one of those grill baskets and we grilled green and yellow squash with onions, rosemary, olive oil, s&p. We also sliced the zucchini lengthwise and sauteed it with balsamic vinegar before grilling it.

  3. Hi Liza,
    Thanks for the encouragement! I’m proud to say we finished and actually managed to find each other near Trafalgar Square amongst a reported 25000 other runners. Should you ever find yourself in the UK in July, do this race! It took us through major sites in London: Big Ben, Thames, Tower Bridge, and so on. It was fantastic.
    Keep on keepin’!

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