Attending the FORCE conference really opened my eyes to eating with the attitude of “reducing my risk of cancer.” I learned that cellular mutation can take a while — years — but the less power we give our body to mutate genetically (via the foods we eat, the toxins we ingest… or smoke …), the more likely we are to postpone the inevitable.

I never thought about BRCA growing up — I never had the chance to. None of us knew about BRCA. None of us really knew about genetic mutation, secondary cancers, or surgical reduction. So, I spent many years sunbathing. Smoking. Eating fast food. That information wasn’t available and therefore nothing I thought about. Truth is, I haven’t really given much thought about it — from the genetics standpoint — until the FORCE conference. And, given that we haven’t tested my children for the BRCA gene, I want to make sure they have been given options and control over their environment.

Now, I’m embarking on a new level of honesty here. Each week (hopefully), I’m going to write about the foods my family and me ate. It’s not going to be pretty. In fact, it’s going to be downright ugly. And, I’m doing it because I know I’m not alone. Though we don’t like to always admit it (for fear of being criticized), many of us feed our children processed food (and eat their leftovers!). My kids are all too friendly with mac-and-cheese, chicken tenders, and pasta. They eat vegetables and fruit, but they eat them as side dishes (if that!).

Lots of blogs out there are written about perfection — “Come see the amazing awesomeness that *I* ate!” or “I’m a die hard vegan blogger!”. This is not that blog thread. In fact, it’ll be rough. Tough. Embarrassing. I’m not looking for people to judge my journey; rather, I’m hoping to reach people who are just like me. Who struggle just like me. Not necessarily with weight, but rather with convenience.

I work 50+ hours a week. I attempt to enroll my children in activities. I write, I run, and I am trying to do it all. So, you probably won’t experience the Joy of Cooking here with me. Rather, you’ll read about the Struggle of Cooking ….

So, here’s to the new “tag thread” of Mb4M. Eating Small Changes.

A few years ago, (mostly for financial reasons), my husband and I decided to cut out a key treat in our refrigerator: SODA. WE LOVE SODA. Honestly, when I see a bottle of soda, I want to guzzle it. I love the feel of the carbonation on my tongue, the sweetness in my mouth, and the coolness tickle my stomach. When soda hit more than the $1 mark, we stopped buying it (that, hopefully, gives you a sense just how much we were buying if it was a MAJOR source of financial investment…. yikes.). For years, our house has been void of soda, and it’s felt great. Soda, when we do drink it, is a rare treat. My kids think it’s a fun little treat given to them by their grandfather on the sly. But, that’s all.

This past year, we cut out television — no cable, no local channels. Only internet tv. While that’s not exactly food related, it actually is. We no longer sit in front of the television and mindlessly eat for hours upon hours. We no longer sit and eat dinner and graze upon cookies. Television has helped our diets.

And, so here we are… the next step in the Small Changes revolution in our house. I’ve given my 6-year old the assignment of keeping the Family Food Journal. As a summertime chore, this also helps her to stay focused on writing and reading. For our 4-year old, we’re helping her learn about food groups. For us grown-ups, it’s a way to stay honest. I report all the snacks I eat; my kids keep me honest.

Eating Small Changes. It’s not gonna be easy. Don’t be fooled here. It’s going to be tough, rough, and the first step in the race towards health.

Peace, love, and little bites,


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Kudos to you Liza for your unabashed honesty. I really respect that about you!

  2. Cheryl Johnson says:

    Geez Liza, give me some tips! I HATE, LOATHE, and DETEST COOKING!!!! I am also a picky eater! I know processed foods are soooooooo bad for me, but I am lazy. I will use any tips you share and TRY to do better. I want to set a better example for the grandbabies, and give me a longer life to spoil them! HUGS!

  3. GraceT says:

    I know you’re not trying to be fertile, but my friend Marie is devoted to writing about ways to eat and live with the least amount of chem exposures.

    Find her here:

  4. Heather says:

    Good luck in your endeavor Liza – let me know if you need anything! I love to cook and try to eat little meat – I’m willing to share anything I’ve got!

    Good luck with the green smoothie – let me know what you think!

  5. Courtney O says:

    I look forward to reading it! Hopefully I’ll be motivated to make changes too! Giving up soda sounds like death to me.

    One thing we do with our kids is explain foods as
    Red Light, Yellow Light or Green Light. (ie: foods you can’t eat very often b/c they are bad for you, foods that have good things in them but you can’t eat All the time, and foods you can eat whenever you want). Doesn’t change our eating habits but it’s helped our kids understand what healthy food is.

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