So, despite all plans to get a good night’s sleep, I managed to wake up every 2 hours. Not out of panic that I was going to sleep through my alarm. Rather, I think my body is just used to being woken up every few hours by someone asking for a glass of water, another one announcing she has to go to the potty, or a certain little baby just tossing and turning. Even though I shared a bed with my sleep-like-a-rock daughter (Joli already has the sleeping habits of a teenager), I still woke up.

It’s race day here in Worcester. And, my plans to go and have breakfast at 6am were thwarted by the Sunday realization that breakfast isn’t even served until 7:30am — 15 minutes after the time when we are all meeting to walk to the starting line.

So, this officially marks my last entry until I return from the 1/2 marathon.

Stay tuned!

Peace, love, and 13.1 miles,


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