It hasn’t been an easy few days leading up to the 1/2 marathon. I’m over my head in work (thanks, though, to a rockin’ intern, Janna, who is conquering all of the tasks I said I’d do over the past few years!). Jada has come down with the mystery fever that she gets 2x a year. I have a Board of Directors meeting, a kid’s birthday party, and an attempt to pack for a week at Camp Sunshine all on Saturday. And, naturally, all the everyday needs of the family are overwhelming me.

Even through all of this, I snuck in a few minutes to take some funny pictures with the girls. Yes, Joli and I are flashing the “M” and “4” of Mb4M. Jada, I’m not sure what that girl is doing…. but, that’s nothing new.

I’m nervous about Sunday. I think I’m especially nervous because I can’t just relax and let it happen. Life still happens. There are lots of things I wish I had time to do – more stretching, another run, eating better, drinking more water, resting these next few days. But, it’s just not going to happen. Honestly, though, isn’t that exactly how life is supposed to go?

The other day, I was talking to my friend Tammy. She mentioned that she got her cousin — and a whole bunch of friends — to join in on the run. “That’s great that they are running a 1/2 marathon, too!” “No, Liza,” says Tammy, “They are running for you.” I was reminded that there are also people who are running this weekend — who have been training right along side me since January — who aren’t at the Worcester 1/2 but who have chosen to train for marathons in their area. Emily Cobb Henry, Darcy Lynch, and a few others are running 1/2 marathons closer to home. I’m incredibly thankful that they have chosen this journey, this time in their lives, to challenge their own bodies, minds, and spirits. Thank you for running along side with me!

A very special to Angela Van Beveran and her mother, Mrs. Voight, for my new iron-on for my race shirt! I’ll take a photo of the shirt on race day and be sure to send it out!

I’m also very touched by my friend, Lisa who, despite just giving birth TWO WEEKS AGO, is planning on going to the race. She has already made “signs and posters”! Egads, Lisa! Promise me you won’t be there if it rains!!

And, a very special shout out to my mother, Arcel. Knowing that the thing keeping me from staying overnight was the cost of the hotel, she went ahead and booked me and my family a room. This way, Jorge and the girls will be able to see me at the start AND the finish (rather than drive the 1 hour). Thanks, Lola!!

As I left work today, I felt a surge of energy. I felt as if I was graduating. I knew that the next time I would walk into my office, I would be a 1/2 marathoner! For the past 6 months, I’ve had a bumper sticker taped to my wall that says, “13.1”. It served as a reminder of my goal and made for great conversation when people asked what “13.1” meant! I knew that I couldn’t put it on my car unless I had finished the race — I’m hoping to smack it on there once I’m done!

So, here we go. Life has been a challenge these past few days — these past few months — heck, these past few years.

I’m hoping to reclaim a little bit of it back on Sunday.

Peace, love, and almost here,


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2 Responses to COUNTDOWN: 1 DAY

  1. T-Rai says:

    Can’t wait for Sunday! It will definitely be a special day for each of us because we learned we could push ourselves and accomplish something positive for ourselves and for you.

  2. Colleen says:

    You are going to ROCK it! I am so excited for you – sending you hugs & prayers from LI.

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