Pardon my briefness here, faithful readers, as I type with my thumbs. I just took another step towards acceptance of my mastectomy. Today, I officially gave away my breast pump and all of my breastfeeding supplies to my beautiful friend, Marcella. Marcella and Dave are expecting their first child — a baby girl — who they have named Aaliyah. I am so thrilled that i can give a gift to Marcella that means so much to me, personally, and in turn give the gift of health to Aaliyah.

Giving away the pump is a twofold reality for me. For one, it’s acceptance that I will no longer need it for my breasts. The second is the acceptance that I will not be having any more biological children since I’ll be having my ovaries removed next year (I think).

A few years ago, through Marcella, I met a beautiful woman named Ann. When I met Marcella, Ann had already been diagnosed with breast cancer in her very early 20s. Just 2 years ago, Ann passed on, leaving behind an amazing young daughter and many loved ones. Ann’s experience reminds me of the fragility of life and of the uncertainty of breast cancer. While more and more women are living as survivors, there is still not a 100% survival rate.

I am thankful that I get to pass on my gift to Marcella in hopes that it inspires her to pass health on to her daughter. I know Ann’s memory lives with Marcella forever, and I am coming to peace with my own breast journey.

Peace, love, and passed pumps,

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  1. Marcella says:


    I am so touched by your generosity, the symbolism and your journey. Trust me Aaliyah already knows what a role model she has in Auntie Liza. Thank you! Love you!

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