Yesterday, I waited until the ducks finished swimming across my street. With a flooded road (and, alas, a flooded basement), today’s sun was a welcome friend.

I knew I had to work out today. In fact, I’m attempting to have all my workouts be at least 3 miles. They are mostly walking, but running is slowly catching up.

I was all set to go, dressed and everything. Then, my running partner, Christina, called to say that life interferred: she had to pick up her twins from day care. “Oooh! Maybe I’ll just go home,” I thought wishfully. I even drove to the local track, saw kids playing lacrosse on the fields and thought this was a sign from God that I shouldn’t work out today. But, guilt got the best of me and I headed to a different track and did a 3.1 mile workout.

Somewhere around the first mile mark, I started to feel short of breath. Not one of those, “Dang, my lungs hurt” but “Oh, hell, I forgot my inhaler.” The funny thing is (and I welcome all you seasoned runners to chime in), it was painful to breathe while walking. I could feel my insides wheezing. I decided to start running just to get back to my car, but as I ran, I began to actually breathe easier! Makes no sense, right?

While running, I felt so good that I did another mile. When I finally got to my car, I stopped and began wheezing again.

Insight and advice welcomed here!


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One Response to SUNSHINE

  1. Christina says:

    I’m SO glad you went anyway! SO proud of you. I’m sorry I had to cancel and that it was so last minute. Good job!!!

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