Thanks to Liz Neilson who sent over this RaceCalendar to get ready for the 13.1 miles in June.

I’ve finally felt a bit stronger now, though this lingering cold is, well, lingering. I sat down and mapped out my running for the next 12 weeks, and I’m both excited and freaked out by the amount of mileage that I need to cover!

I’ve accepted that my body might not be running the full 13.1 miles. In fact, I’ve downright given myself permission NOT to run the entire thing. My goal is to have a good time, hopefully be  alongside with friends, and maybe even laugh throughout most of the run. I’m thinking a Joke-a-Mile or something. Yes, yes, fellow runners! You’ll be responsible for ONE JOKE during the run. But, as port-a-potties are rare, I beg that they are not piss my pants funny!

Hope people are getting geared up for the 13.1!

Peace, love, and “what the frack did we get ourselves into??”,


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One Response to RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY!

  1. Heather says:

    A picture a mile would be good too! That’s the one thing I regret doing in Disney – not taking more pictures!

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