I had a fun treat today walking with my sister, Grace. Two years ago, Grace also had a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy — the same surgery I’ll have in a few months. I haven’t brought myself to look at Grace’s chest, though she has freely offered. Just can’t do it quite yet.

The two of us went for a nice 2 mile walk today in the warm 37 degree weather. In order to keep myself from making the bad decision to run, I decided to set myself up for success by not changing into workout clothes. Instead, I kept on my cords, left my regular bra instead changing into a sports bra, and left my long hair down out of an athletic ponytail. Funny how clothes can make such a difference!

It worked. I enjoyed a nice walk with my sister and doggie and, for the first time, didn’t leave my mark in the running path. I’m sure loads of people will appreciate that 🙂

Peace, love, and leisure,

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One Response to SET FOR SUCCESS

  1. GraceT says:

    This is the most jacked up photo–it’s awesomely unflattering. Hilarity!

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