After nearly a week long hiatus due to a nasty cold and fever, I started running again today. Thankfully, the “massive snow day” cancelled work for me and school for my kids. So, I took the opportunity and went for a quick run with the dog.

Now, I’m reaching out to my running friends here: my knees are killing me! They’ve been hurting for a week or so (just as my cold kicked in) and also when I increased my running time/mileage. Inside of the knee cap. Not tender to the touch, just feels very stretched and achy. I’m getting fitted for shoes sometime next weekend, which I hear helps.

Other than that, it feels great to have my body respond well to the care I’ve been giving it. I’m down 30+ lbs since September and well on my way to hitting my pre-Evan baby weight. My face looks thinner. My clothes are much bigger. My mood is lighter. I’m sleeping better. I’m feeling generally more positive. I’ve shaken off the support group experience I had earlier this week, and I’m focused on finding different avenues for me to process the mastectomy emotionally.

Yesterday, I took my daughter to get an adjustment on her prosthetic eye. It has been a long time since we’ve spent just Mom-Jo time together. We had some time in between the 2-part fitting and ended up at Chuck E Cheese. Glad to know this morning workout helped to off set the PopRocks, pizza, cotton candy and soda we ate yesterday! At Chuck E Cheese, Jo had to wear a bandaid over her eye because her prosthesis needed to stay at the ocularist. It was her first time without her prosthesis since 2005. I often speak about the stares people give us, and we got a few of them again. Though, the kids who did approach her seemed genuinely curious and kind. Still, it felt very vulnerable to be out there and wanting to protect her from the looks we were getting.

Thinking about her bravery going to a kid place without her eye really inspired me. I think about all the times I refused to let myself get in pictures — I felt bad about the way I looked. Yesterday, I realized, if Jo had the strength and confidence to go out to Chuck E Cheese without her prosthesis, I can do anything.

Peace, love, and the promise of a foot+ of snow,


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One Response to OH KNEES, I’M BACK!

  1. Peter says:

    Hey – How do I get on this 1/2 marathon train?

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