The weekends seem to be my date with sickness. The baby and I are both congested and coughing, and so my snowy workout was put in hold.

Tomorrow, I’m taking a big step. I’m going to my very first support group meeting for women who are BRCA positive. I’m excited, though anxious, and totally do not know what to expect. Will I feel a sense of belonging and community? Or, will I feel sad, overwhelmed, and alone? The only other women I have ever talked about this with and shared the experience have been my sisters and cousins. So, a room full of strangers who are also BRCA will be new for me. “Out of my comfort zone” seems to be the theme if this week!

I’m pretty sure I’ll be the youngest one there, so I’m prepared for that aspect of it all.

I’ll keep you posted!

Peace, love, and phlegm,

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2 Responses to SICK WEEKENDS

  1. Lisa (Silva) Flecchia says:

    PEace, love, and PHLEGM…..okay that really cracked me up! Especially since the kids and I are just getting over the same cold you and Evan are getting….hope you both get better quickly!

    Every time I read your blog, I want to reply. It’s those thoughts in my head after I read it, you know?
    My Mom had breast cancer. I’m high(er) risk I assume and my ob/gyn wants me to take tha same test, but my Mom will not take it. I have not had it yet. So far my mammograms have been clear. Scary what your family has been through, especially Joli and Mary. You are brave and I admire your courage and spirit.

    Just wanted you to know that I enjoy your blog and I’m hoping it will encourage me to get off my
    derriere at some point as well….

    Take care and here’s to looser phlegm and rest.
    Lisa xo

  2. Tamara says:

    Just read this post- ignore my email. I hope you get better soon. I am battling with phlegm as well. Yuck.

    I hope the first support group meeting you go to is a warm and welcoming environment.

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