Tonight, my 6-year old gave a speech in front of a large high school audience. They were no ordinary high school audience though– they were a student council organization from a dozen high schools getting ready to do a lock-in. As we drove into the parking lot, we could hear the students cheering and screaming. Having been in student government, I knew the kids were just incredibly positive and excited. But, to Joli, they were rowdy, scary, and intimidating.

“Mama, am I talking to THESE kids??”

“Yes, Jo, and you’re gonna be great!” I said, actually nervous myself!

Joli was amazing. The room felt like the audience at a Jonas Brothers concert — young people cheering their minds out! They chanted ” Joli! joli! Joli!!” after her speech and gave her a standing ovation. A few group of kids asked if they could pose for pictures with Joli.

She is amazing. If a 6-year old can face cancer AND face this audience, I can log in a few miles, right?

Peace, love and bravery,

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