“Dog tired” apparently means nothing to my pooch, KO’D. I took him for an early morning run — after finally breaking free from my breast pain — and actually stayed at a really good pace for nearly 30 minutes. As I approached my street to head home, I decided to break into an end-of-workout sprint. I found myself encouraging myself by cheering on the dog: “C’mon, puppy! You can do it, little guy! Let’s go doggy!” We made it to my driveway with a final grunt, and I doubled over to catch my breath.

Already 3/4 down to the ground, I took the clip off of KO’D’s leash, certain that tired little 15lb pup would crumble from exhaustion. In fact, there were moments during my run that I thought of turning back to save myself the embarrassment of having to carry my dog back home.

“Click” went the leash and “woosh!” went the dog. That dog took off running like a hamster on Red Bull. Round and round and round he went, as if to tell me, “Pathetic owner. Now THIS is RUNNING!!”

Well, my goal eventually is to be strong enough to out run my dog. My little, 6-inch legs, couch potato dog.

Watch out, KO’D. You are my new training goal.

Peace, love, and doggie treats,

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