I do not enjoy working out. Back in the day of BK — before kids — I used to love it. I craved the burn, the high and the solitude. I was running to feel good. Well, 50-ish pounds throughout the years had me focusing on exercise-to-move-the-scale as opposed to exercise to feel great.

After 3 weeks of working out consistently, today was the first day that I craved the burn. And, thanks to a fantastic babysitter (aka Joli) I was able to workout this morning at 6:30am. In many, many ways, Joli is my hero!

So, here it is, the great start to the morning – a 400+ calorie burn!

Hope you have a great day and seek something to make you feel good today!


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One Response to THE BURN

  1. Tina says:

    Wait a minute — I don’t know what impresses me more…the 400+ calories or the fact that your machine has a FAN!!!!

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