Thanks to Christina, Donna, Blayne, Joniece, and Raul who joined me for a 40 minute walk today in the cold! You really pushed me to get out there and stay committed!

I kept thinking about all the times I’ve said, “yeah, we should definitely get together!” and then never do. Thinking about the surgery makes me not want to take those moments for granted. Going out and spending 40 minutes with friends was such a wonderful end to the work day! Thank you all! You are my reason today for getting out there!

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2 Responses to GOOD FRIENDS

  1. Alice says:

    Can I walk with you guys without having to “sign on” for the 1/2 Marathon? I’d love to support you in this but am in agony if I walk more than 7 miles. Getting old stinks.

  2. Liza says:

    Of course Alice (and anyone else with the same question!). The more the merrier!!

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